Sea of Hunger - Wall of Hate

Sea of Hunger - Wall of Hate : Game 2
The Temple of Flesh

The curtain opened again upon the troupe running out of food in the Wellington House as Lavinia Whateley is steadily being driven mad by whatever lurks within or behind the wall. Krohnan Droege survived the zombie attack by the skin of his teeth and Kito is still afflicted by his mystery ailment. All members of the West House, Mother and the priestesses of Shelyn have been doing their best given the surrounding undead, which no one can explain or fully destroy, but it has become apparent that the party will starve without access to more food.
The majority of the supplies had been secreted and barricaded by the asylum’s guards, telling the remaining inmates that the freaks in the west house were responsible for their misfortune. However, they agreed to share some of their food if Sibuna and one of the priestesses of Shelyn were handed over to them.
[[:deidre-ohlan Dannis Ohlan grumbled that we should just storm the guards and kill them all. There was a certain amount of agreement and speculation on how that might increase the supply of meat to feed Ulaursul’s eldritch horror.
Madge Helengolom volunteered to go to the guards, but the priestesses of Shelyn volunteered that their temple in the city had a store of food that might sustain us temporarily if we could find the secret passage from the asylum.
Having considered both options, the general consensus was “Both. Both is good.” However, since most of the party were interested in eventual escape, they chose to attempt to visit the temple first.
Dannis grumbled and chose not to accompany the party. Lavinia was too obsessed with the wall to notice their departure. Probably the noise was driving her mad.
The Priestesses of Shelyn begged the party to check on the health of their high priestess, Jana Krache. And so armed with this knowledge, the dwarf and rogue located the secret passage and opened it. After a trek through a dark passageway it opened into a cavern with crystals/ gems that made Morgran drool for .5 seconds at least.
However, the spider they were attached to had to be subdued before greed could be sated.
The battle was glorious, but the euphoria was short lived as the party was nearly defeated by a rope ladder.

Sea of Hunger - Wall of Hate : Game 1
Welcome to Red Gate

The party was awoken to the standard morning inspections, whereupon Kito announced he wasn’t feeling well and led away.
We were treated to a lengthy discourse by Daddy, Captain Theodran Belkris, about how he was leaving our cozy little asylum in the capable hands of Step-Mother, Professor Frederick Found, much to communal glee. He was also leaving the asylum guarded by a skeleton crew, while the bulk of the soldiery joined the war in the north. Frederick appeared nervous and ineffectual. Lavinia Whateley sassed Krohnan Droege.
A strange cloud of colored gas presumably (ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD.) was noted on the horizon.
We were returned to our cells, where bathing had to be negotiated by the capable Ulaursul. Effects were varied and humorous. Krohnan and compatriots arrived to drag Lavinia away, to death possibly, to the disinterest of all concerned.
The lights went out and the party was left to face an undead monster and its aberrant rider, as it frightened all concerned, then opened the cells. The group, minus Kito and Lavinia and Dannis Ohlan, investigated the surroundings then made their escape, if only not to be around the undead horror. Moving to the Wellington house, following Lavinia’s trail of blood for lack of a better plan, entered through the quiet mostly administrative section of the asylum.
Strange occurrences continued to happen outside and it was determined that the safest course of action was to hide, rather than run.
In so doing, we discovered Krohnan’s hideaway and found Lavinia in a coffin. Battle ensued, all members seeking the death of all concerned guards, while still attempting to masque as much magic as possible. The party failed to be successful as Daddy and Step-Mom/Mother interrupted our little shindig. (None of the party having the mark of a great man.)
Mother “detained” us in an administrative office, declaring that he was investigating the Asylum. Aidell, always skeptical, saw through his motives almost immediately, but still the group agreed to aid Mother if only to temporarily better their position.
While messing around in the office they stumbled upon a group of shelves. When put in divine order, a passageway appeared into a cavernous hall depicting an unknown monster being subdued by four personages holding spears.
Vanaeris cast detect magic and became supernaturally obsessed with what was behind the wall. Four doors were located in the room and one of them yielded a bed with a shard on it that projected the whole party into the astral plane. However, before they could investigate further they were shaken awake only to find the undead swarming over the entire town and approaching the asylum. There was an epic fight, in which Sibuna wrestled Cronan to the ground with EXTREME prejudice and left him for Zombie food. Mother proved to have the ability to protect from evil; however ironic that was for the party. :) The party retreated to the Wellington house to reassess. The Asylum remained standing.

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