Welcome to Red Gate Sanitarium

The city of Ridonport is a quiet and peaceful place where many aging veterans come to retire. One of these retired veterans, by the name of Herundsy Wellington, began building his summer home on a hill, just outside of town, when the outbreak of a short-lived plague swept across the land. The plague caused its victims to become hypersensitive to any form of stimuli. The most fortunate were placed in special rooms designed for sensory deprivation while they suffered through their final days.
Herundsy Wellington’s wife was one such victim of the plague. In the middle of his summer home’s construction, he began converting it into a sanitarium for other unfortunate victims of the plague. Since any form of stimulus was overwhelming to those inflicted, the plague disappeared almost as soon as it was identified, because the infectious would retreat to hidden rooms, caves, sewers, or wherever else they could find a secluded (and silent) place to die.
The Wellington House came under new management, once the plague had disappeared. An enigmatic group began converting the Sanitarium into a hospital for treatment of individuals oppressed by mental illness, both physical and magical in nature. During this time, the number of patients at the Wellington House nearly exceeded capacity. All manner of troubled individuals and victims of political intrigue were dropped off at the front gate of the House and left to rot within the confines of the Sanitarium. It became the rug under which the Inner Sea swept its dirt.
Eventually, the Wellington House (also known as Red Gate Sanitarium, or just Red Gate – due to the way it’s peculiar iron fence and gate shine red in bright sunlight) saw another change in administration. The Enigmatic group that converted the Sanitarium to treat mental illness disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as they came. An old mercenary captain, who had won the favor of many Taldan nobles during his lengthy career, was given the opportunity to retire in Ridonport and take over the affairs of the Wellington House. The captain, named Theodran Belkris, had a method of treatment that focused specifically on corporal punishment. He believed that good health and good habits could be beaten into an individual. He and his mercenary force, the Belkris Boys, presided over the affairs of the Wellington House until the day the Dark Star fell from the sky.

Now, Theodran Belkris and his mercenary force have been summoned to the north, along with every other trained combatant capable of holding a sword, to keep order among the refugee camps, and to defend against anything that might follow the refugees – for there are rumors of unspeakable horrors crawling their way out of the crater to bring an end to all things.

YOU are an unfortunate inmate of the Wellington House.

And this is the story of your survival.


Sea of Hunger - Wall of Hate

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